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The Bionatics Agenda

Come and discover LandSim3D at the French Public Companies' Congress | 14+15 October 2015 | NANCY | France
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Model cities and landscapes with LandSim3D

The version 5 of LandSim3D bridges the gap between 2D and 3D allowing the user to automaticaly convert GIS and cartographic data into a rich, detailed and interactive 3D model. With LandSim3D, you do not need to be a computer graphic expert to work in 3D!


Real-time 3D terrain solution for the needs of defense training simulation experts

Discover Blueberry3D, our procedural terrain middleware solution allowing fast creation, and real-time 60 Hz visualization, of very large and detailed terrains used in training simulation


Bring realistic plants to your 3D scenes

Bionatics also develops 3D plants modeling and growth simulation solutions for AUTODESK 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Maya and PRESAGIS Vega Prime environments. A CD collection of plants is also available for the Art'lantis software developed by ABVENT.


Camille Claudel new district

Find out how to model and maintain a new urban project in 3D thanks to LandSim3D ...

Urban Community of Beauvais

Discover the amazing 3D model of 1200 km² developed and managed by Beauvais thanks to LandSim3D

Business park design in 3D

LandSim3D can assist developers in the simulation and the promotion of parks thanks to 3D.