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Bionatics offers a series of exceptional opportunities to develop your Bionatics library this month. Update your EASYnat library up to 380 plants thanks to the Freedom Nursery Pack or upgrade your EASYnat library to natFX at incredible prices thanks to the Free Seed Conversion program. Orders can be placed Online or Offline through Bionatics and its Worldwide Reseller Partners. Read the Newsletter below for more information...

Only 30 days left to Upgrade from EASYnat® to natFX® at incredible price!
Customers who already own an EASYnat plant library can upgrade to natFX and get their EASYnat plants or credits converted to natFX for FREE! Only the cost of a basic natFX license is required with an annual natFX Subscription. Valid until March 30th 2007. Orders can be placed online or through a Bionatics authorized reseller in your area. Valid for Bionatics customers who purchased EASYnat plants before February 07.

The complete natFX® plant library now available in PDF format.
The entire natFX library is now available for download in a 130 pages booklet in PDF format. It offers a complete review of the natFX library including its scientific name, a description of each plant along with an image of the plant at different growth and a close up shots of the bark texture or the details of its leaves, fruits or flowers.
Download natFX Plant Catalog for 3ds Max in English >> or in French >>
Download natFX Plant Catalog for Maya in English >> or in French >>

Improve your EASYnat® modeling skills with our new Training Videos.
Bionatics launches a series of video training lessons designed to teach the concept of plant modeling with EASYnat. The videos are divided in several modules, each one dealing with a specific aspect of the plant modeling such as modeling in 3D full geometry or in hybrid mode. Each video is a 5 minute lesson in continuous flow (streaming).
See Training Videos in English >> or in French >>

Get the best of EASYnat® with the Freedom Plant Nursery Pack!
Receive the full 380 EASYnat plant nursery at a great time limited price shipped via a CDROM and satisfy all your needs, all your projects and all your imagination. You can't miss this deal! Orders can be placed Online or via a Bionatics reseller in your area. Compatible with 3ds Max®, Autodesk® VIZ & ADT/VIZ Render. Valid until March 30th 2007.

New Geospecific African Savannah released for REALnat® Premium.
Bionatics has released a new Geospecific plant library for REALnat Premium : the African Savannah. This library offers a collection of 45 plants including trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers, measured from Central to South Africa. Certain plants have been measured within the Serengeti National Park in Kenya and Tanzania.

Update REALnat Premium V1.0.45 for MultiGen® Creator available.
A new release of REALnat Premium is now available for download from the Bionatics website for customers who have a valid Maintenance. This new version 1.0.45 has fixed a number of bugs and crash problems which occurred in the intensive use of certain fine tuning features.
Zoom on Cocoa Tree

The Hemlock Pine - eastern (Tsuga canadensis)
Eastern Hemlock is a coniferous tree native to eastern North America. Tree of 20-25 meters. It ranges from northeastern Minnesota eastward through southern Quebec to Nova Scotia, and south in the Appalachian Mountains to northern Georgia. The industry of the tannery uses its bark which is very rich in tannin. A large, long-lived tree, important for construction timber and as a source of tannic acid for tanning leather. Found in cool, moist woods throughout the Commonwealth, Eastern hemlock is the official state tree of Pennsylvania. Ruffled grouse, wild turkey and songbirds find food (seeds) and shelter in this tree.

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